This section is important in your journey of learning Tagalog because you will learn here the proper tense of a verb that you must use in a sentence. You will see the present, past, and future tenses of the given verb examples.




Present: eating
Example: I am eating banana.

Past: ate
Example: I ate banana.

Future: will eat
Example: I will eat banana.


Present: kumakain
Example: Kumakain ako ng saging.

Past: kumain
Example: Kumain ako ng saging.

Future: kakain
Example: Kakain ako ng saging.


Present: going
Example: I am going to the mall.

Past: went
Example: I went to the mall.

Future: will go
Example: I will go to the mall.


Present: papunta
Example: Papunta ako sa mall.

Past: pumunta
Example: Pumunta ako sa mall.

Future: pupunta
Example: Pupunta ako sa mall..


Present: playing
Example: I am playing basketball.

Past: played
Example: I played basketball.

Future: will play
Example: I will play basketball.


Present: naglalaro
Example: Naglalaro ako ng basketbol.

Past: naglaro
Example: Naglaro ako ng basketbol.

Future: maglalaro
Example: Maglalaro ako ng basketbol.


Present: planting
Example: I am planting a tree.

Past: planted
Example: I planted a tree.

Future: will plant
Example: I will plant a tree.


Present: nagtatanim
Example: Nagtatanim ako ng puno.

Past: nagtanim
Example: Nagtanim ako ng puno.

Future: magtatanim
Example: Magtatanim ako ng puno.


Present: watching
Example: I am watching television.

Past: watched
Example: I watched television.

Future: will watch
Example: I will watch television.


Present: nanonood
Example: Nanonood ako ng TV.

Past: nanood
Example: Nanood ako ng TV.

Future: manonood
Example: Manonood ako ng TV.


Present: driving
Example: I am driving a truck.

Past: drove
Example: I drove truck.

Future: will drive
Example: I will drive a truck.


Present: nagmamaneho
Example: Nagmamaneho ako ng truck.

Past: nagmaneho
Example: Nagmaneho ako ng truck.

Future: magmamaneho
Example: Magmamaneho ako ng truck.


Present: riding
Example: I am riding a jeepney.

Past: rode
Example: I rode a jeepney.

Future: will ride
Example: I will ride a jeepney.


Present: sumasakay
Example: Sumasakay ako ng jeep.

Past: sumakay
Example: Sumakay ako ng jeep.

Future: sasakay
Example: Sasakay ng jeep.


Present: drinking
Example: I am drinking coffee.

Past: drank
Example: I drank coffee.

Future: will drink
Example: I will drink coffee.


Present: umiinom
Example: Umiinom ako ng kape.

Past: uminom
Example: Uminom ako ng kape.

Future: iinom
Example: Iinomako ng kape


Present: sleeping
Example: He/she is sleeping.

Past: slept
Example: He/she slept.

Future: will sleep
Example: He/she will sleep.


Present: natutulog
Example: Siya ay natutulog.

Past: natulog
Example: Siya ay natulog.

Future: matutulog
Example: Siya ay matutulog.


Present: cooking
Example: My older sister is cooking adobo.

Past: cooked
Example: My older sister cooked adobo.

Future: will cook
Example: My older sister will cook adobo.


Present: nagluluto
Example: Ang ate ko ay nagluluto ng adobo.

Past: nagluto
Example: Ang ate ko ay nagluto ng adobo.

Future: magluluto
Example: Ang ate ko ay magluluto ng adobo.


Present: buying
Example: I am buying a new house.

Past: bought
Example: I bought a new house.

Future: will buy
Example: I will buy a new house.


Present: bumibili
Example: Bumibili ako ng bagong bahay.

Past: bumili
Example: Bumili ako ng bagong bahay.

Future: bibili
Example: Bibili ako ng bagong bahay.


Present: buying
Example: I'm buying him/her a new cellphone.

Past: bought
Example: I bought him/her a new cellphone.

Future: will buy
Example: I will buy him/her a new cellphone.


Present: ibinibili
Example: Ibinibili ko sya ng bagong cellphone.

Past: ibinili
Example: Ibinili ko sya ng bagong cellphone.

Future: ibibili
Example: Ibibili ko sya ng bagong cellphone.


Present: climbing
Example: They are climbing the highest mountain in the Philippines.

Past: climbed
Example: They climbed the highest mountain in the Philippines.

Future: will buy
Example: They will climb the highest mountain in the Philippines.


Present: umaakyat
Example: Umaakyat sila sa pinakamataas na bundok sa Pilipinas.

Past: inakyat
Example: Inakyat nila ang pinakamataas na bundok sa Pilipinas.

Future: aakyatin
Example: Aakyatin nila ang pinakamataas na bundok sa Pilipinas.


Present: taking a bath
Example: I am taking a bath.

Past: took a bath
Example: I took a bath.

Future: will take a bath
Example: I will take a bath.


Present: nalilligo
Example: Naliligo ako.

Past: naligo
Example: Naligo ako.

Future: aakyatin
Example: Maliligo ako.


Present: paying
Example: I am paying the water bill.

Past: payed
Example: I payed the water bill.

Future: will pay
Example: I will pay the water bill.


Present: nagbabayad
Example: Nagbabayad ako ng bill ng tubig.

Past: nagbayad
Example: Nagbayad ako ng bill ng tubig.

Future: Magbabayad
Example: Magbabayad ako ng bill ng tubig.


Present: reading
Example: I am reading a book about Jose Rizal.

Past: read
Example: I read a book about Jose Rizal.

Future: will read
Example: I will read a book about Jose Rizal.


Present: nagbabasa
Example: Nagbabasa ako ng libro tungkol kay Jose Rizal.

Past: nagbasa
Example: Nagbasa ako ng libro tungkol kay Jose Rizal.

Future: Magbabasa
Example: Magbabasa ako ng libro tungkol kay Jose Rizal.