“ANO ANG” is the Tagalog translation of “WHAT IS”. It is very useful in asking questions because by using it, you can almost ask for anything. Some sentences using “Ano ang” can also be a translation of sentences using “What are”. Please check the examples below.



What is your name? Ano ang pangalan mo?

What is your height? Ano ang height mo?

What is your weight? Ano ang weight mo? / Ano ang timbang mo?

What is your favorite color? Ano ang paborito mong kulay?

What is your phone number? Ano ang phone number mo?

What is the name of your wife/husband? Ano ang pangalan ng asawa mo?

What is the name work of your father? Ano ang trabaho ng tatay mo?

What is your email address? Ano ang email address mo?

What is the Tagalog for heavy? Ano ang Tagalog sa mabigat?

What is the tallest mountain in the Philippines? Ano ang pinakamataas na bundok sa Pilipinas?

What is the title of that song Ano ang pamagat ng kantang yan?

What are you doing? Ano ang ginagawa mo?

What are you planning to do? Ano ang plano mong gawin?