Here are the five "W" questions plus "How", with their examples.



Who are you? Sino ka?

Who is the president of the Philippines? Sino ang presidente ng Pilipinas?

Who won? Sinong nanalo?

Who is he/she? Sino siya?

Who wants to go with me? Sinong gustong sumama sa akin?

What is your name? Ano ang pangalan mo?

What do you want? Ano ang gusto mo?

What do you need? Ano ang kailangan mo?

What is your zodiac sign? Ano ang zodiac sign mo?

What is your job? Ano ang trabaho mo?

When did you arrive? Kailan ka dumating?

When is your birthday? Kailan ang birthday/kaarawan mo?

When can I see you again? Kailan ulit kita pwedeng makita?

When did you first saw me? Kailan mo ako unang nakita?

When are you leaving? Kailan ka aalis?

Where do you live? Saan ka nakatira?

Where do you want to go? Saan mo gustong pumunta?

Where did you buy your watch? Saan mo binili yang relo mo?

Where is your mother? Nasaan ang nanay mo?

Where do you want to eat? Saan mo gustong kumain?

Why are you sad? Bakit ka malungkot?

Why are you leaving? Bakit ka aalis?

Why do you love me? Bakit mo ako mahal?

Why are you looking at me? Bakit ka nakatingin sa akin?

Why don't you want us to get married? Bakit ayaw mo tayong magpakasal?

How old are you? Ilang taon ka na?

How can you do this to me? Paano mo ito nagawa sa akin?

How to cook adobo? Paano magluto ng adobo?

How did you know? Paano mo nalaman?

How can I go there? Paano ako pupunta doon?