Have a taste of Philippine-made products. Included in the list are typical Filipino favorites.

Datu Puti Value Pack 1 bottle of Vinegar and Soy Sauce 1 Liter each bottle

About the Product:
Cane Vinegar and Soy Sauce Value Pack
1 liter bottle of Cane Vinegar (33.8 fl oz)
1 liter bottle of Soy Sauce with Isoflavones (33.8 fl oz)
Product of Philippines
Ingredients: Vinegar (cane vinegar, water); Soy Sauce ( soybean extract, water, iodized salt, caramel and 0.1% sodium benzoate)

Vinegar and Soysauce are commonly present in any Filipino household. These are two of the main ingredients in cooking the Philippines famous dish, Adobo.

A liniment preparation specially formulated for fast relief of back and muscular pains from overwork, cramps, rheumatism, lumbago, arthritis, stiff neck, headache, gas pain, insect bites, minor burns and bruises, sprains and skin irritations.

About the Product
Methyl Salicylate Camphor + Menthol
Extra Strength

This product is commonly used in a Filipino household. It is used to ease muscle pains.

About the Product
Product of the Philippines
Savory taste you love outdoors and indoors
All packed and ready to crunch, for snacks or parties
Enjoy the ccrrunncch!

This is one of the all-time favorite snacks in the Phillippines. Try it, it tastes really good.

The full name, King Choc Nut Peanut Milk Chocolate really describes exactly what this snack is. The ingredients are listed as roasted peanuts, can sugar, milk powder, cocoa powder, and vanilla. To be honest, it tastes exactly as you would image. With simple ingredients and no chemicals, you get a straightforward snack. it is refreshing with its simple makeup tasted a strong flavor of peanut and chocolate.

About the Product
A Classic Filipino Favorite Chocolate Peanut Treat
This is the Large Size, 240 grams, 24 pieces.
This is the Original Choc Nut
All Natural & Healthy Ingredients
Made in the Philippines by Annie's Sweets

Another favorite snack in the Philippines. It doesn't taste like ordinary chocolate, but you'll love it.

Mang Tomas all-purpose lechon sauce. Mang Tomas is the brand of an all-purpose sauce that Filipinos love to use with lechon.

One of the favorite sauces in the Philippines. It is usually used for lechon and fried foods.

In the Philippines this is a popular sweet catsup made of banana, and is used on a variety of dishes such as dipping for eggroll (lumpia) and we love it on all kinds of things such as spread on a hot dog, sandwich, hamburger, french fries or anything else. It's thick and sweet, and has a mild taste not much like banana. It's delicious! Jufran is the best brand available.

Catsup is one of the favorite sauces used in the Philippines and this brand is one of the most delicious.

Ilocos Chichacorn Cornick pack of two Spicy 12.35 Oz. per pack

Cornick is one of the favorite snacks in the Philippines and this one from Ilocos is a special one. It really tastes good.

2 PCS OF 80 g/2.9 oz bar; Treatment for Skin Problems. helps dry Pimples and prevent acne, blackheads, rough and oily skin, freckles, dermatitis, and many other conditions. Formulation: 2g Sulfur, 750mg Zinc Oxide

Product Features 2 BARS of Authentic Dr Kauffman Medicated Sulfur Soap Has Sulfur Zinc Oxide that helps relieve common skin problems while keeping your skin healthy. Safe for use by both adults and children at least 3 years of age Product of the Philippines by Unilever

This is one of the trusted products in the Philippines used in relieving skin problems.

Each bag has 30 ounces of delicious dried mangoes Great taste, fat-free, sweet and moist, high in vitamin C Stay fresh resealable zipper bag.

About the Product
Each bag has 30 ounces of delicious dried mangoes
Great taste, fat free, sweet and moist, high in vitamin C
Stay fresh resealabe zipper bag

Dried mangoes is one of Filipino favorites. Non-Filipinos will surely love it as well.