In comparing objects, we use comparative and superlative forms of adjectives. For positive comparison we normally adding the words MORE and MOST and LESS and LEAST for negative prior to the adjective or adding -ER and -EST for other adjectives.

In Tagalog, whether positive or negative, we always add the word MAS for comparative and PINAKA for superlative.

We have listed below adjectives in their comparative and superlative forms with sample sentences.





Positive: fast
Example: I run fast.

Comparative: faster
Example: You run faster than me.

Superlative: fastest
Example: He/she is the fastest runner among us.


Positive: mabilis
Example: Mabilis ako tumakbo.

Comparative: mas mabilis
Example: Mas mabilis ka tumakbo sa akin.

Superlative: pinakamabilis
Example: Siya ang pinakamabilis tumakbo sa atin.


Positive: pretty
Example: I am pretty.

Comparative: prettier
Example: She is prettier than me.

Superlative: prettiest
Example: You are the prettiest.


Positive: maganda
Example: Ako ay maganda.

Comparative: mas maganda
Example: Siya ay mas maganda.

Superlative: pinakamaganda
Example: Ikaw ang pinakamaganda.


Positive: big
Example: This house is big.

Comparative: bigger
Example: That house is bigger than this house.

Superlative: biggest
Example: Our house is the biggest of all.


Positive: malaki
Example: Ang bahay na ito ay malaki.

Comparative: mas malaki
Example: Ang bahay na iyon ay mas malaki sa bahay na ito.

Superlative: biggest
Example: Ang bahay namin ang pinakamalaki sa lahat.


Positive: low
Example: Your score is low.

Comparative: lower
Example: His/her score is lower than yours.

Superlative: lowest
Example: My score is the lowest in class.


Positive: mababa
Example: Mababa ang iskor mo.

Comparative: mas mababa
Example: Mas mababa ang iskor niya kesa sa'yo.

Superlative: pinakamababa
Example: Ang aking iskor ang pinakamababa sa klase.


Positive: good
Example: I am a good baskeball player.

Comparative: better
Example: You are the better basketball player than me.

Superlative: best
Example: He is the best basketball player among the three of us.


Positive: magaling
Example: Magaling akong basketbolista.

Comparative: better
Example: Mas magaling kang basketbolista kesa sa akin.

Superlative: best
Example: Siya ang pinakamagaling na basketbolista sa ating tatlo.


Positive: strong
Example: Sam is strong.

Comparative: stronger
Example: John is stronger than Sam.

Superlative: strongest
Example: Mark is the strongest among the three.


Positive: malakas
Example: Malakas si Sam.

Comparative: mas malakas
Example: Mas malakas si John kay Sam.

Superlative: pinakamalakas
Example: Si Mark ang pinakamalakas sa tatlo.